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Gay Marine 2

How about a military Gay rights Parade?

This is an update: I just read an article from Todd Starnes concerning the soldier who was told he couldn’t read conservative authors while in uniform. Well couldn’t he do it in the post library in front of other soldiers and his “superior” leaders? That is clearly book banning. The fact that these books are on the shelves in military libraries is a perfect example of the hypocrisy. Now back to the original……

I just read an article about how our government scammed us on whether military folks would like having gays in the military. The comments were exceptional. Even my comments, but since I am retired military, I am seriously and hopelessly bias. There was so much intellect and so many words being expressed for concerns with this issue; or better yet, mess. I need to worry about killing the enemy and getting home safely to my family, not whether my package has been exposed to or even desired by a roommate whom I have absolutely no interest from a procreative point of view.

What is the purpose of having separate living and sanitary services for our men and women in the military? Simply put, it is because of their sexual preference. Women want their privacy. Well, so do heterosexual men. No heterosexual man wants to sleep in a room with a person of the same sex who is sexually attracted to them. If I see women’s private parts, as nature provides, I become  quite excited about that.  What percentage of these gay rights activists and supporters who are not gay, would have no problem sleeping in a room with someone who would be standing tall the moment he see you in your Whitey Tighties and overjoyed to take a shower with them? Dumb is as dumb does, said Forrest’s mother.

By the way, it would make more sense having gay men housed with heterosexual women because they are not sexually attracted to each other, Right? Ask the women if they would be OK with that? Dumb is………. Ditto. Then how will women feel taking showers with a penis hanging around right next to them? Not to mention the insult because it’s not standing up. Dang. I recall in 1969, while stationed at Ft Huachuca, AZ, there was a serious problem with lesbian senior NCOs taking over a trailer court off post where several lesbian women chose to live. There were other military women who chose to live their also and they feared being beat up if they didn’t do what the lesbian mafia wanted. Rat on them and you would be doomed. The straight women feared being approached sexually, and when that happened they had better keep their mouth shut. Interesting how the lesbian population in the trailer park had the run of the place; the rest lived there in fear. What about the straight families with children who lived there. Sounds like a great set up to make sure these children learn the ins and outs of being lesbian.

There was another story. A female military person who had no idea lesbians existed was assigned to a room with a lesbian. The lesbian had a friend who spend the night with her often. Even the whole weekend where they would turn up their music real loud in hopes the straight person in the room would not find out what they were doing all hours of the night. Trying to get some sleep under those conditions is impossible. When the straight person talked with a friend about the problem, the friend reported the issue and the First Sergeant, a female, caught some heat over assigning a room in this way. An excuse was made and the straight lady was reassigned to another room. Interesting how that works; the lesbians were the ones doing something wrong and the straight person had to pack up her stuff and move. Nice.

What about having straight men live with the lesbians. Would that work; they should be housed with guys, right? But what about those dangling mammary glands. In case you are wondering what those are, the definition in Wikipedia says: “A mammary gland is an organ in  mammals that produces milk to feed young offspring. Mammals get their name from the word “mammary”. In ruminants such as cows, goats, and deer, the mammary glands are contained in their udders. The mammary glands of other mammals that have more than two breasts, such as dogs and cats, are sometimes called dugs.” Guys can dig that.

But I like the histology section in Wikipedia: “mammary gland is a specific type of apocrine gland specialized for manufacture of colostrum at the time of parturition.” (That is so erotic whether you read it or say it out load.) “Whether mammary glands are modified sweat glands or sebaceous glands still remains controversial.” Hey! There is no controversy here! They are boobs and boobs turn folks on. By the way, why do they need them if they are not going to be nursing ever. So I guess the “lesbians in the men’s barracks” idea is out, too.

Here is another way to look at it. It is totally accepted that women should not be forced to take showers with men for obvious reasons. Privacy. So how can you force a heterosexual man to take showers with a person who would look and feel about what he sees exactly how heterosexual men would feel looking at women in a shower? It is ALL about privacy. And wouldn’t you know it, that is a bastion of liberal ideology. Hypocrites! I am not homophobic but I am definitely dumb-ophobic. Yeah, I have a fear of really smart people claiming to be extremely advanced in intellect but being really, really dumb. I just don’t want to sleep in a room with someone who is undeniably interested in getting his hands on my package.

Then there is the argument as to whether homosexuality is normal. Well, I can agree it is probably a result of the creative interactivity of DNA during the conceptional process. Things just got a little wacky. But that does not make it natural. The primary purpose of these reproductive faculties possessed by any mammal is to further the species through nature’s procreative processes. That is how we continue to be here century after century. With those of the homosexual bent, absolutely every sexual encounter is not going get them anywhere when it comes to the procreation the species. Having off-spring is the only way they are going to be able to pass themselves forward beyond their own existence. They are done. They are history. They have a whole lot of fun and excitement while here but when they die they are truly history in every aspect of that word. One could say, they are human but if they are not recreating themselves, then it could be said they are inhuman or only human for a moment in time from an holistic prospective.

It is only through the heterosexual procreative process that the life of humans further the existence of themselves. And that is the only way we are going to get soldiers, sailors, Airmen and marines to protect our existence going forward far into the future of mankind. You could blame the heterosexuals because they procreated them. But we didn’t do it on purpose so we would ask to be thrown on the mercy of our society. Another way to put it; without heterosexuals, homosexuals wouldn’t exist.


Oh, did I mention the need for new uniforms!

I guess we are going to have to spend more taxpayer dollars for 4 separate types of barracks rooms, showers, toilets and outdoor Porto-Potties during training exercises to insure everyone’s privacy. That would also include 4 separate holes in the ground when we have to dig our own latrines. We will also need 4 separate tents, as well. Oops, I forgot the transvestites, bisexuals, those who have had sexual conversion surgery and those who “feel” themselves to be asexual. Congressional elites would fit the later preference because they continue to procreate the act of screwing themselves on a regular basis by perpetually trying to take action on this subject. But that comes without any presence of the desired side effects associated with the state of eroticism. Or does it?

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