War on Islam; Not Terror!


Christians don’t do things like this; Muslims do.

Well, what do we have here? Yesterday, in the highly progressive and liberal town of London, England, known for its advanced state of worldly values and worshipped by the progressive wannabes here in the US, experienced an unusual happening.  It was so unusual how the reportage was at a loss as to describe it for a considerable length of time. That is ok though, in such an advanced society as this, it takes time to insure that the virtues of political correctness are protected beyond all cost; even death to it citizens.

Two normal English fellows, totally accepted as upstanding British citizens, decided to wait outside a military post for a British soldier who was randomly leaving his place of duty for the afternoon. As he began to cross the street, the two gentlemen ran him down with their car. They then got out and began to chop him up with meat cleavers and knives. It caused quite a mess since both men were covered in the soldier’s blood to the point their hands were bright red. Leaving the soldier’s corpse in the street, they sought out those passing by asking them to record a video of them with sound on their smartphones.

They were not running away. They were intent on making a political statement about the abuses of British soldiers in their home country. They paid homage to the God of Islam in their performance advising that they had done what they did to show that British citizens they need to get rid of their government and adopt a new one. My guess is it would need to be one that accepts Sharia Law as the law of the land and mandates the following of Islam as the only acceptable religion.

They also apologized for doing this deed in front of women but explained it was OK since women in their own country witnessed the same thing every day from British soldiers. I am not sure I have ever heard that British soldiers did things like this, but if I was a British Citizen, I would automatically assume that this guy is right and that these soldiers should be ashamed of themselves. After all, these guys wouldn’t have done what they did if it were not true. So these guys were not concerned with the fact that the Bobbies would be there at any moment. But when the political speech was done, the guy who was speaking turned and crossed the street passing by the corpse to join his companion on the opposite side. There is one thing to note that is very telling. The guy looked both ways before crossing the street to make sure no cars were coming. I guess he feared for his safety at that point.

When Britain’s finest finally showed up, the two, clearly growing bored and impatient having to wait so long, became aggressive toward them, pointing a gun and brandished their meat cutting equipment. They were summarily shot by police carrying guns. And I thought the police didn’t carry guns. Who knew? And to think that one of the perpetrators was toting as well. What has that country become? You would think they were coming down with that dreadful disease -Americanization. Both survived because winging them without killing them was the politically correct thing to do. After all, it is imperative that these two be tried in a civilian court, and to insure their rights are not violated, give them a fair trial judged by their peers (which is not going to happen because they won’t permit a complete jury made up of Muslims.) The decedent laying in the street, slaughtered for the purpose of making a political statement, gets a fair burial and since, he is dead, he does not deserve any rights accorded the living. But it is funny that how we want to give our rights to people who want to destroy our rights.

The News here in the states continued for the longest time clarifying that this event has not yet been declared a terrorist attack. They needed an investigation to clarify the obvious. When you kill someone and don’t run and then make a political statement concerning the existence of a government; that is an act of terror. They are using a senseless destruction of human life in the middle of London in broad daily light to protest a government. They even ask those standing by, staring, to do away with their government. Rocket science is an infinitely more complicated subject to understand, so why is it so difficult to call this a terrorist attack. It is the fear of acknowledging we have a serious problem we are powerless to deal with. We let them in so they can kill us from within. And the question in every progressive’s mind is how could they have done such a thing? They already know but cannot bring themselves to accept it. Progressives hate Christians but choose to adopt the Christian idea that one should  just turn the other cheek and they will become our friends.

It is always our fault they are doing this. Yet they have been killing Christians and Jews for 100s of years, about 1500 years to be approximately correct. The United States came into existence 237 years ago. So they are not killing us because of our foreign policy, they are killing us because we are not Muslim. They even kill fellow Muslims if they are not one of two ideological interpretations of Islam: the Sunni way or the Shiite way. If you are one or the other, the other side thinks you should die. Get it? We are guilti of “shirk” according to their teaching and that has nothing to do with political policy. They expect without equivocation that we all convert and adopt Sharia Law. It is as simple as that. And until we do, the carnage will continue. But of course, we are left with the choice of the Sunni way or the Shiite way. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Here is a test for immigration folks. “Are you Muslim?” If the answer is yes, then they are not fit to take part in the American way of life or the British way of life. Why on earth would we even think about letting those in who are part of the faith that dictates our destruction? I have an idea; it is a matter of life and death whether we profile these bastards. And then it comes. Someone says, Well they are not all that bad.” And my response is, “Do you recall what happened when the Twin Towers fell? The entire Muslim world hit the streets in every country in the world, jumping and screaming for joy. It was obvious that just about every Muslim on the planet was extremely happy that the Twin Towers fell. If fact they thought it was an act of God, their God. That is all I need to know as to whether we need to exclude Muslims from our society through the virtuous process of profiling. That is how you save lives. That is how you protect your country.

The comparison of Jesus and Mohammed is enrapturing the minds of Americans constantly. Let’s get rid of any signs of Christianity but let’s do all we can to appease Muslims. I actually have the answer that will insure everyone understands the issue. Just read one book. And it will be crystal clear. “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran.” It explains absolutely everything you need to know in excruciating detail. Everyone in there right mind really wants to know how they stand personally with the Muslim crowd. This book mentioned above will make it jump out at you. YOU DO NOT HAVE A CHANCE! There is no way out. Just jump in line for your beheading. But just remember, if you are not Christian or Jewish, you need to move to the front of line. Find out why; read the damn book, you highly intelligent intellectual, progressive idiot.

And please, don’t leave a comment until you have read the book; other than that, I do not want to hear it. I am so tired of bailing the bullshit from this American sinking lifeboat.

Gosh, I wonder if I have made my point. We will see.

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