Retired Military are Being Enslaved

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I was promised free health care if I would spend 20 years on active duty in the military. I did 23. Then I had to move near a military hospital at retirement to get the free healthcare. But then I was told I had to wait 2-3 months because active duty had priority. Then they forced me on Tricare at $465 a year. Then I had to take medicare B at age 66 in order to get Tricare for life. That meant a hit of $1300 a year plus, plus the single pay Tricare payment for my wife because she was not yet 66. That put me at about $1500 a year. When she hits 66, we will have to pay medicare part B for her which means over $2600 a year. Now they are going to reduce pay to doctors who then will refuse to take me at all. Now they want to cut pay to doctors another 30%. I have already had extreme difficulty finding a doctor who will take me because of the pay they will  get. They refuse because they cannot run a business taking a loss for each patient. But congress wants to continue paying for tanks that the Pentagon doesn’t want and exempt themselves from Obamacare so they can have exceptional health care at the expense of the rest of us. When will I be forced to give all my blood and die during a transfusion to save the life of a congressman? It takes over a year for a disabled veteran to get disability. Even though the government has all my medical records, I still have to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is service connected. Many veterans have to file several times to get everything covered as they are entitled. that take years. I would have been better off if I had died for my country during combat on active Duty. It would definitely have been so much cheaper. Our sacrifice continues “after service” to care for those who are useless or here illegal, or work for the US Government in Washington, D.C. I had no idea I was going to be enslaved for life when I joined the military. I should have know since know the democrats are in charge and they care about discrimination so much unless you are military. We kept the country alive for all these years and now we are getting the life sucked out of us to continue keeping the country alive. Wonderful. I feel so proud that I was able to help so much. Thank you. I now know what a fool I have been. And how I have been fooled. I guess I have no choice except to sneak across the border into Mexico, denounce my citizenship and then come back across the border so I can get all the free stuff.

By the way, I served 23 years and got a fraction of my pay as retirement income for my sacrifice. A congressmen get full pay for retirement after 2-4 years of service. And the get full healthcare benefits for life. I think I signed up for the wrong job!

I was also told that we needed to pay more out of our pocket for our medical care because the Pentagon needed the money to pay for weapons systems. Hell, I AM A WEAPONS SYSTEM!


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