Obama had a Chance to Save Ambassador -Benghazi


If you don’t find out the truth about what happened at Benghazi, and you voted for the President, you will not know you were made a fool.

The video below gives tremendous insight and absolutely excruciating detail as to what actually happened before and during the attack.


The detail of this video continues not to be aired on CNN, ABC, NBC or MSNBC! And neither is a subsequent program similar to this one with the most shocking news yet; If you voted for President Obama, you were deceived.

The folks on the ground at the Annex 1 mile away, asked to be permitted to go back to the Embassy to get the Ambassador. That request was denied. They were told to stand down! But they went anyway. That denial caused a delay that reduced the chance to save the Ambassador. Then as the above video shows they were under attack at the CIA Annex when they returned from the Embassy. Again they asked for backup and were again denied and told to stand down. Another request was also denied and a third “Stand Down.” Someone on the roof had a laser marking a mortar site firing on the Annex.  My son IS spec Ops and does this exact type of work, marking targets with a laser. He told me he holds the marking until an F-16, A-10 Warthog, C-130 Gunship, Drone or Attack Helicopter in the area picks it up and then he takes cover. With in 3 minutes, that target is taken out. But the aircraft in the area who could have helped were told to stand down. I know from personal experience, spec ops folks have a motto, “no one gets left behind dead or alive.” Those on the roof were hit by mortar fire and killed. Those in the annex then escaped taking the dead and wounded. They managed to get Ambassador Stevens body the next day from the hospital. They departed Libya.

The most important question of all and the one that clearly explains it all was: How could the president with his entire staff, sit there watching the attack by a drone in the area minute by minute, hour by hour, for a total of 8 hours, not permit assistance to be brought on station to help out. The drone with which they were using to watch, ran low on power and was replaced by another drone so they could continue to watch. With the speed of an F-16, it could have been there in minutes. There was a rescue team was dispatched and was sitting at the airfield. They were also delayed. I spent 23 years in the military and I know what they are capable of doing. If permitted, they could have made a difference.

There is another video now on You tube, which is hosted by Bret Bair, that explains the sequence of events as well. The father of one of the dead ex Navy Seals finds out from the news, not the White House, that his son was a hero who disobeyed the stand down order and tried to same the Ambassador . He lost his life in doing so. We still do not hear about this man’s heroism to this day.

If our government is willing to deny that this was a terrorist attack for two weeks, blame it on a video, and while speaking at the UN, say they need to wait on an investigation to find out what happened, then something is seriously wrong. The will lie about anything to protect their votes and get elected. They were watching it live as it happened from a drone in the area for 8 long hours. The CIA reported it to be a terrorist attack immediately.  Now we find out that the White House staff altered the CIA talking points to blame the video and got our UN Ambassador to sell the lie to the American people on several mainstream media programs. They flat out lied. If they are willing to sacrifice an Ambassador for political gain, they will lie about anything, and they will lie to get elected. Is this what our country has come to? Shame.


To hear it: You can also go to this linkas well: http://radio.foxnews.com/2012/10/26/help-request-denied-in-benghazi-attack-video/#.UIw1I4afZto


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