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No Left turn

There are three levels of search options on the internet for “No Left Turn” signs. The options are “Off, Moderate and Strict.”  I get 287K, 275K and 271K, respectfully.  I searched on “Right Turn Only Signs” I get 166K, 109K and 105K. irrespectfully. That tells me a lot about being “left” or being “right,” politically speaking. There are almost three times as many signs telling folks not to go left. So one can only surmise that all these signs are telling us we should go right. We should be conservative. We should join the Republican Party. We should fight for our freedom against those who, foreign or domestic, find it necessary to punish the innocent for all they find wrong in the country.

Just out of curiosity, I searched on “don’t go straight signs” and found those numbers to be rather interesting. They were: “off” 72K, “Moderate” 63.1K and “strict” was 59.1K, disrespectfully. That tells me not very many people should go Libertarian. But unfortunately, these numbers are skewed quite a bit since most of these signs are located in San Francisco which in turn, makes the numbers of very little help for the purposes of our analysis in this diatribe. And by the way, that was a total left turn if I have ever seen one. And I ended up in “left” field. So let’s get back to the left and right turning signs.

On further review, I find that restrictions on going left are much more prevalent and therefor much more harsh and insistent in today’s society. That probably means those on the left are not listening and need more urging to go get on the “right” path. As you would expect, the requests to go right are much more respectful. They’re not in your face. And they come in a peaceful blue color.Right turn sign  These signs are not bright red. In fact, there should be more stop signs to the left, if you will, to control the excessive, progressive, insensitive behavior we all experience. It gets rather tiresome having to listen to so much divisiveness, dominance and speech denying rhetoric. The left has fact checkers who check the fact checkers to insure the facts are ignored. You might say those fact checkers have become feeling checkers. Getting your way by clouding the facts with feelings is the norm.

The Bombers of Boston issue brings up an interesting point. Everyone knows that Boston is a far left town, in a far left state. They have the least amount of “Don’t Turn Left” signs. Leaning strongly left is not without some very distinct characteristics. It is their blind determination to extend friendship to all our enemies of the world to bring peace worldwide – llike they have any control over that. They are OK with granting asylum to Islamic Terrorists to show how cool they are. And then those same now friendly Muslims blow up their children. And the first words out of their mouths, as usual, are; “How could anyone have done such a thing?” “How can we fix this so it never happens again?” “We Bostonians are tough as nails.” The terrorists used nails to maim and kill them.

First, and after we discount all the hundreds of thousands of evil thinking Americans among us who kill for little reason or for the simple joy of it, there are humans among us and across the world who will kill us because of their intense beliefs in their so called “innocent” religion. They have a reason, and it is blind. To hope they will be our friends is foolish. There are regular normal folks we don’t want living in our neighborhoods. There are some black neighborhoods where whites are detested and can lose their life if they happen to pass through by mistake. But they make room for terrorists in their neighborhoods. Bill Ayers lives in one.

Islamic Terrorist hatred of us is so intense, that there is no degree of friendship that could overcome it. There are rednecks that can’t stand the sight of a black person. I know; my father was one of them. Bostonians want to make peace with Islamic Terrorists so the terrorists won’t hurt them. There are those who want us to pull out of every foreign country and retreat to within our own borders. And as a further gesture of peace, they want to open all our borders for anyone to enter. They think by doing that, we will stop all the evil in the world. And there are those who think the evil in the world is the fault of the USA,  solely. Well, how is that even possible?

Liberals want to practically erase any reference to the Christian faith as though it is evil incarnate. They constantly rave about how terrible the crusades were and Christians of today, by adopting the  faith, are automatically responsible for the deeds of those who lived hundreds of years ago. Liberals fought to keep slavery but deny being responsible for it. They do not realize that a second crusade is upon us. Muslims following their faith have no tolerance for infidels; anyone not Muslim. If liberals can’t accept Christians in their society, how can they accept the members of Islam? According to them, Christians are terrible and Islamic folks are only that way because we made them that way. So why is that thinking so nonsensical?

It is as simple as can be. The Muslim faith began 500 years after Christianity began. That is almost 1300 years before America came into existence. The hatred is not from what we are doing nowadays, it has been going on for 1300 years. Jews created their Jewish faith several thousand years before that. The whole problem is based on the fundamentalism of everyone’s faith, or better yet, philosophy of life we all have, secularists included. Yep, there are fundamental secularists. Bill Ayers and his wife are secularists who blew up stuff to get their way. There were Christians who blew up abortion clinics in their effort to save the lives of the unborn. Those pesky Jews, thousands of years ago, took an entire parcel of land from others to call their own. We did the same to the Indians who were here before us. There is a term that can be applied to every ilk. It was, according to each, their “Manifest Destiny.” It seems nowadays, everyone has got one of those. And one more thing. When the followers of Islam line us all up for our beheadings because we are all to some degree guilty of “shirk,” there will be an order to it. Secularists and gays and prostitutes will be first in line, followed by Jews, and then the Christians will take their places. According to Islamic law, Christians are just mistaken in what they believe. Oh, and by the way, your life will be saved if you convert to Islam; just keep in mind you will always be a second class citizen since you were not a Muslim from birth. These rules sound like those of our government. What is good for us exists for their benefit and is effective in the long run and what is good for them is to their benefit alone and immediately effective.

There is another aspect to look at with this pandemonium we exist in as humans. Within the Christian faith there are factions. But today, Catholics are not blowing up Protestants and vice versa. They just do what liberals always preach, “Why can’t we just get along?” The Jews have their factions but they don’t blow each other up over it. The Muslims have their factions. They are Shiites and Sunnis; a different story here. They want to blow each other up, any Jew, any gay person, any Christian, any secular person, and even fellow Muslims who convert to something else. They want to kill their own children if they happen to start wearing clothes not acceptable to their faith. Allah help them, if they start dating at all. It’s called honor killings. We should get us something like that.

A court decision which followed Sharia Law sentenced a young girl to 100 lashes because she was raped several times by her stepfather. Actually, I think she got the punishment because she let it get out that it happened. Or her fault was that she revealed herself while having to undergo forcible rape. These holly men can’t control themselves when they have to have sex with their own minor daughters. And it is the minor’s fault. It won’t be long before one of her brothers performs an honor killing because she disgraced the family and of course, Allah.

There was the gay person living in the Maldives Islands just off the coast of the Southern tip of India. Ironically, the town in which he lived was Male’ the capital of Maldives. The islands are maldives_map_printdominated by extremely devout Muslims. Not Muslim Terrorists – just simply fundamentalists following their Sharia Law. The gay man let it get out that he was gay. It was not long thereafter that upon returning home, someone came up behind him and slit his throat leaving him for dead. He grasped his throat to stop the bleeding and made his way to the street where a man on a motorcycle  gave him a ride to the hospital. His chance of survival was extremely thin, yet as luck would have it, he recovered. He moved to the island of Sra Lanka to avoid any further bloodshed from his neck. It seems that if you are not a male in the heterosexual sense, you are not permitted to live in Male’. Or it could have been that he didn’t care to rape young girls – just grown Muslim males who find it normal to rape their own children.

Liberals like always, are focused on the wrong target. In their effort to stop all violence, they want to register all firearms of everyone in America in an effort to stop a crazy person from getting one and killing people. They don’t realize that they are killing themselves. We need to un-register democrats. The crazy who shot Gabby Gifford was a democrat. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the killers at Columbine, had parents who were democrats. James Holmes, the Aurora theater killer, was a democrat. The killer at Newtown was a democrat. Even Bill Ayers is a democrat. His wife is a democrat. All their friends who took part in bombings were democrats. Just as the Boston Bombing occurred, it was the same day or early the next day, liberal newscasters discussing who might have done this, asked the question, “Could it have been Right Wing Extremists.” As though, left-winger swingers could not possibly have done such a thing. If you believe Right Wing folks are responsible for all the destruction in the world, then you are an extremist, yourself.

Liberals are so quick to describe a Muslim who blows stuff up as either homegrown or foreign. Yet they bring Muslims to live in their neighborhoods, home grow them and then question how they could do such a thing. Well, they were grown in your neighborhood and you always want to blame the parents for the actions of their children. Bostonians grew these two, so they are the parents. How could Bostonians, people so much tougher than the rest of us, do such a thing? How do we stop them so they don’t do it again?

Maybe we should give them all signs that say “Go Right” in red letters to warn them to be on the right side of life and not the wrong side. There should be nothing “left.” Liberals are “right” when they say we should all come together. I think John Lennon said that. Yes, we should all come together. But for a different reason, an intense reason, a reason just a little more devout than Muslims are with their faith. We need to quite literally fight fire with fire; with heat more intense then the Sun God who looks over all of us. After all, without him, we would not be alive to begin with. “Peace be with you,” as the Catholics always say. And the response was “and also with you” and now is “and with your spirit.”

Speaking of spirits, I think I will go have a glass full. It makes me “feel” so peaceful.  Z WS 8


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