Why I Can Only Be Pro-Life

Mom and baby

My life is just about over and so many lives are just now beginning. Life is a blessing every living being should get the chance to experience. The human race is just like any other living being. But we have special powers within our brains to make great decisions. But sometimes, some of us create justifications for doing things not out of respect for the proliferation of our wonderful existence, but more for personal reasons. They call it concern for others but it really is a selfish drive to have one’s way. In their effort to creating a “right” out of sheep’s cloth, they get support for their ideals from like minded others, ideals that really are misguided and so destructive.  They pass laws to save eagles’ eggs and just about every other creature on earth but they then claim the life of an embryo in every stage is equated to nothingness so they can justify aborting it. They know better but denial is so powerful. They argue that life begins later in its development so they can excuse the killing. But the idea of when life begins is a falsehood in and of its self. Even those who say life begins at conception are missing the point. All living things are just that – living beyond themselves through the earthly beauty of procreation. When they enter into the process of procreation, there really isn’t a beginning of life, it is an extension of life beyond two person’s eventual passing. These newborn carry our genes into eternity. They give us eternal life. It really is that simple.  In our case, a man provides a living sperm with all his own genetic instructions in such a way that an egg provided by a women, with all her living genetic instructions, can take it on, marry the two living beings together to the point where those two people pass on their selves to a future human being. Death never really occurs until we die. A beginning happened long ago and we are just perpetuating our existence. How simple is that?

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