Gun Control – Waste of Time – WHY?

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The school shooting brings out the worst in all of us good intentioned people! The bad guys couldn’t care less. The first and most ridiculous question everyone seems to be trying to answer is “how can we stop this so it doesn’t happen again?” Every time there is a tragedy like this, this question comes up. Our government begins again to claim it can fix everything for us. But, I have a question. How can we stop another monumental government intrusion into our lives by our elected “incompetent officials” spending billions ramming another useless “fix” down our throats? It just doesn’t work. We have been trying all these ideas for years and we still have mass murders.

It was not too long ago when a Chinese man entered an elementary school and stabbed to death over 30 children. If I was deranged enough, I could easily find a way to kill a lot of people with a knife or baseball bat; or use a simple hand gun with several short clips. Limit the bullets and I would buy the limit and then buy another limit or get someone else to buy the limit for me. Limit the size of magazines and I would buy many small magazines. But why go to all that trouble when you can just steal everything you need from a relative or a friend. A lot of deranged people are very smart and will find a way.

In this case, a mother had a second amendment right for a long time to have guns for recreational purposes and to defend herself from her own government. She was around guns when she was a child. She also was unfortunate to have given birth to a son who the government, as well as most of the population, insists she do her very best to raise as a normal human being. She made a very good effort to do that. But therein lies the problem. Her son wasn’t “normal” like the rest of us partially nuts humans. We humans are blessed with a remarkable brain, the chemistry of which is so dynamic, we have no idea what fantastic “idea” it is going to come up with next. It is both a blessing and a curse. It may be a remarkable song, a unbelievably powerful tool that does everything from the palm of our hand or an amazing idea that saves us all from cancer. Or, it may just as easily come up with an idea to gas to death an entire race, blow up the world trade center with airplanes, kill over 50 in camp ground in a country that has the most strict gun laws ever or simply shoot up an elementary school. “We cannot in anyway insure that something like this doesn’t happen again.” Where there is a will “by anyone” their remarkable brain will find a way.

We continue to fool ourselves. Who lets these things happen? WE DO. And we can do practically nothing about it except to find ways to minimize the damage. What about the 9,000 black on black homicides that occur each year in our most devastated neighborhoods? We have done nothing to stop it of even slow it down. The numbers keep growing. We lose 20 children and 7 adults in an elementary school shooting and want to completely change the world forever. But the 9000 black folks killed are never mentioned. We just ignore it. What about the millions of babies we kill each year and label it necessary for the health of the mother. What about the health of the baby? Each one of those babies has its own manifest destiny to survive and have a chance for a long and wonderful life. We are brilliant, so we can fix the health of the mother without killing the baby in her womb. Our president and his congress orders our military to protect our nation by blowing up millions of people who our hell bent on killing us all because we won’t convert to Islam. How are we going to fix that major problem?

Humans are nuts but we are doing extremely well limiting the carnage. In World War II we wiped out entire cities, and everyone living there, to get a political leader to give up. Now we can pinpoint an airstrike with finite precision in such a way that we save millions of lives. Collateral damage is minimized as best we can with the technology we currently have at our disposal. The same could be done at our schools if we had the money. But we do not. So we have to use our available technology and dwindling financial resources to minimize the damage. There are those who want to take guns away from all the good people but they will not be able to take guns or drugs away from millions of bad people. Our government, who currently is working anew at banning “assault weapons,” gives those same guns to drug cartels. In turn, those same drug dealers come across our borders to kill us if we try to stop them drugging our nation. We can’t take drugs away from bad people so we find ways to legalize the drugs to solve the problem. That process creates more bad guys. They approved marijuana growers and their pot shops and now those poor growers and storeowners are being robbed and killed for the products they create. Who is going to protect them from their freeloading customers? Oh, yeah, the government. Taking guns away from good people is the typical response. It doesn’t fix the problem and it doesn’t limit the damage. It seems that our government will eventually legalize the killing of children in our elementary schools.

Senator Feinstein just proposed a ban on assault weapons. But take a look at this so called great first step. The gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary did not use an assault weapon, a weapon that will continuously fire if you hold the trigger down. He used a semi-automatic rifle that looks like an assault weapon. It should be noted that a semi-automatic is much more convenient; and efficient, for this type of killing because it is much easier to control the outcome and maximize the damage. Even our special ops military use a two shot technique to take down an enemy. Fully automatic weapons are good for combating a large force coming at you. But you still have to control the rate of fire since the barrel can easily overheat.  The Sandy Hook gunmen in this case could have done the same damage with one simi-automatic pistol of just about any caliber. There are .22 caliber semi-automatic rifles and handguns that can do just about the same amount of damage. Those are used to kill rabbits and squirrels. Those .22 caliber handguns are an assassin’s weapon of choice since the round will stay in the brain ricocheting around to cause maximum damage. The gunman was crazed and had plenty of time to kill all those children with one handgun. The children were defenseless. Just, lock the door, have them lay down in a row and take their lives one by one. That was actually done in a shooting at a rural school several years ago.

Remember, the chemistry remark above? This gunman wanted to ravage their bodies with weapons fire. He did just that. He was enraged and crazed. There is no way we can find each and every one of these people in a population of millions. We can’t find every single person ahead of time who is going to rob a bank or hold up a 7-11. We can’t find a spouse who is bent on killing their mate. Why is that? Because we are not able to step inside a human’s brain 100% of the time to pre-determine what they are planning or attempting to do next. We have a human condition that expects government to stay out of our business. And we protest every time they try to solve a problem we don’t agree. The government can’t even bug our phone without good reason. So how are they going to let them get into our brains to figure out what we are going to do next? That solution is simple. Implant an electronic device in each brain to pick up the thoughts, weed out the good stuff and hone in on the bad thoughts.

The trouble with that, is we would have finally allowed the thought police to take over our lives. We have only one solution. Create economical systems that limit the damage. The best way would be to assign a special ops team to guard each school. But that is way too expensive. To limit damage, some ideas to brain storm would be:

  1. Rig our schools with electronic control devices that will automatically execute a lockdown.
  2. Have several people assigned with the power to push a button and lock down every door turning classrooms into safe-rooms.
  3. Hallway barriers that, on alarm, would drop down or pop up to block off various areas.
  4. Reinforce entrance ways that would hinder unauthorized attempts at entrance.
  5. Have employees detailed on a rotating basis to act as security in the interior of the school which is set up between the front door and the classrooms.
  6. Automatic double entry setup at the front door that creates a trap for someone who breaches the front door without using the proper entry technique.
  7. Fingerprint entry technology is fairly easy to set up.
  8. Use one form like fingerprint and then a second door that requires keypad entry so a silent alarm can be activated creating a trap. Prisons use these types of systems.
  9. Have a visit policy that requires set up remote from the school and pre-planned.
  10. Schools raise community funds for various school activities; do it for security needs.
  11. Many communities have willing donors who would contribute to a pool of funds for security needs. After all, most security expenditures would be major to set up but minor, and well worth it, to maintain.
  12. Hire an armed security service to provide protection while security features are being set up.
  13. Place warning signs at all entrances indicating that an armed guard is on duty at all times. THINK DETERRENT – just a sign would save hundreds of lives. These perpetrators want easy victims, not armed resistance.
  14. Put the sign up now. Very few could possible know you have not got the armed guard set up yet.
  15. Any alarms that go off will immediately trigger a call for police help. We do it with fire alarms, why not for police emergencies.
  16. Here is an idea that will soon be upon us. Close all the schools and do education within or near a workplace where security is routine. An office building sometimes has daycare operations; they can also have schools and therefor satellite off an existing security system with guards on duty.
  17. When kids are older, have remotely stationed teachers educating our young folks at home through computer technology. Some schools are already doing this. We can now get a college degree online – why not a high school diploma? I would really like to attend my classes from my bedroom so I can do that in my pajamas. Make this an option for parents who want to have better control over keeping their children safe. Keep in mind that most parents can’t afford a computer or all the taxes necessary to send their child to school.
  18. These techniques mention in 17 above, would reduce the serious impact of negative and distracting aspects of student interaction in our schools. Like bullying, emotion issues associated with getting along or just being accepted. These kids will find ways to bond with friends outside of this proposed system. Yes, there is such a thing as female bonding. My daughter informed me of this when she was 9 years old. And I thought there was only male bonding.
  19. Let private clubs and public communities provide for the extracurricular activity like they normally do. They do it with better fees systems and communities do it with a combination of fees and subsidized tax dollars. It is a much more financially efficient system.
  20. Control the student with video conferencing techniques and fingerprint access to keep them on task. Have instant feedback with parents using various communication techniques from cellphones, emails, text messaging, robo-call systems, document attaching; or just call them for a telephonic student-teacher-parent conference.

I hinted at school expenses that are not necessary. There are a ton of them. How about these two? Extracurricular is an oxymoron. You aren’t learning hardcore educational skills; a math teacher, not professionally skilled in athletics, has an extra duty coaching a sports team. He or she usually doesn’t get paid for it, and although the school systems used to pay for the expenses of maintaining a sports team; now the parents have had to take on this usually extravagant expense at the mercy of the coach.

And don’t get me started on the expenses proms in tale. Most parents cannot afford it but have to due to various pressures from their children as well as the pressure associated with the fact that the students with the most well to do parents are usually the ones on the committee that who set up the gala extravaganza. I have always said, “High School is fantasy land.” It is a fantasy to assume every girl at the school can afford $100-$300 dresses. Everyone knows that even the yearbooks nowadays cost a parent between $50 and $100 each year of high school. Maybe that is why the call them yearbooks. We pay for the student to get a picture taken each year for the yearbook, and the prom picture and the graduation picture. The only time a parent doesn’t pay for the picture is for the mug shot taken at the police department when their son or daughter drops out of school and gets arrested for robbing the corner 7-11 with the gun from the parent’s bedroom closet. The whole community pays for that one in their taxes.

What are some of the favorable side effects of the various options above?

  1. Vouchers could save a lot of expense because parents could get more bang for their tax bbucks.
  2. The taxing of residences could be significantly reduced by eliminating the maintenance of an elaborate highly expensive educational complex called a school district. Every year these school districts are asking to increase taxes to pay for their monstrosity. They need to increase salaries so the teachers can get better support from retirement systems not available to rest of us which by the way, avoids social security payments. They want to build new and repair old schools, buy new school buses and on and on. The unions love this since they get more dues in their coffers so they can pay their union bosses more money than the school administrators.
  3. Reducing one administrator making $100,000 could permit the purchase of 200 computers that could then be consigned to a parent and then returned to the school system issuer who performs necessary maintenance, upgrading and reissuance just like businesses do with their computer necessities.

If I were a school official who was about to die, I would gladly lock down and alarm a school. We have young men and women in our armed forces who give their lives selflessly to save the country and their comrades. Teachers, school officials and administrators should be prepared to do the same.

Stop with the gun control cheap talk, it is a clear and useless waste of time. Exception made for our politicians, of course! In their case, they get all the money and the schools get more carnage. A politician doesn’t come up with ideas to help you, they doing to maximize the money they can get to run their campaign and maximize their vote potential. Follow the Money!

One final note: Today, the president, while talking about his upcoming efforts to institute gun control, named off several incidents where innocent men, women and children were killed. He included Gabriel Gifford. He then stated we have had 10,000 gun related killing this year. What he failed to mention is that 9,000 of those killings were black on black homicides. Again, fix that first, Mr. President.

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