Obama is not my President


Jay Carney’s President is not my President. Jay Carney’s president is not any US Citizen’s president, unless you care more about your political party’s future then you care about the welfare of those laying their lives down for this country – laying their lives down to keep us safe. Not to protect one stinking party over another. If you voted for and then plan to vote again for Jay Carney’s president then you are not American. If you are willing to dismiss the lies as another opposing party conspiracy, you are not American. If you are voting for Jay Carney’s president just because he has the same color skin as you, or voting for him for no other reason than you want to express the guilt you feel over the racism that occurred many years ago; then you are not an American. We have lost so many precious lives over hundreds of years to get us this far. All their families suffered dearly at the loss of their most treasured. The children lost their fathers and mothers all for you! But the success of Jay Carney’s president is just so much more important. You should be ashamed. You are too self-centered, selfish and spoiled to do the right thing for your country and its future. But wait! You are not spoiled, you are soiled – all for your party and the skin color of Jay Carney’s president. When someone is willing to discard the welfare of an entire country for all these reasons, they are not American. What ever happened to the content of one’s character?

I spent 23 years in the service to my country caring for those who were sent overseas to fight. I cared for them before they went and after they came back. I personally signed orders shipping them out – Black and White. And on behalf of those who did not come back, I visited their memorial and cried because I was ashamed their names were on the wall and not mine. And now you tell me Jay Carney’s president is more important than them. My son along with many others endured 2 years of the most grueling training, training that had an attrition rate in the hundreds. Only a very few ever graduate. He is right now in Afghanistan in one of the most dangerous spots imaginable fighting to keep those out of Afghanistan who shoot women in the back of their head in a sports arena for all to see, kill innocent children by the thousands, blow up girls’ schools, shoot outspoken girls in the head and chop off any head that doesn’t accept their religion. All for there religion. And we have Jay Carney and his president doing the same thing with our military just for votes. These brave men are sacrificing dearly as we speak. And Jay Carney doesn’t stand down from his job based on the ultimate shame he inherits by defending the absolutely intolerable performance of his president; not mine. He is either doing it for the money or because he doesn’t have an ounce of the character Martin Luther King was talking about. And he says he cares about blacks? Give me a break. The sooner Jay Carney is gone taking his puppet president with him, will not be soon enough for the millions of heroes and their families who have expended so much pain and misery protecting a country they love so dearly for so many years. Give them one vote and you are not an American.  Give them one vote and you support denying any wrong doing in the killing of Chris Stevens during the Benghazi massacre. Even after such a heartless tragedy, Jay Carney continues to endlessly lie for his president! Mine could not come sooner in kicking these foreigners out of my White House. They are more ILLEGAL than those who cross our borders trying to get a better life. At the least, those crossing appreciate this country more.

Want affirmation? Look how Jay Carney shamelessly continues to this day to lie and deceive us on behalf of HIS president.




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