Marijuana Grower Proves AGW is Farce!


I get better information from a Marijuana grower than I get from a climatologist!

Carbon dioxide is an odorless gas and a minor constituent of the air we breathe. It comprises only .03 % (300 parts per million, or PPM) of the atmosphere but is vitally important to all life on this planet!

(FACT: Fresh air on the planet: CO2 is .03% (if 300 PPM) or .04% (if 400 PPM) if you want to use the current fear factor. )

So, do the math. .04% of air supply is CO2; 90% of that .04% is natural, 10% of .04% is non-natural caused by humans. We create only 18% of that number. The rest of the world creates 82% of that number. And we want to spend billions, if not trillions trying to fix our part. Get a clue!

Then I go to a pro-global warming site and find that PPM has been as high as 3000 to 4000 PPM and we had a really problem with excess glacial formation. But then the argument was the sun was weak. Now the sun is stronger, so could the extra heat be coming from that? YES> Possible. But now that is ignored by pro-global warmists. But reading the notes is where I find the meat of the argument.

But I don’t have time for this. I have to go to my doctor to get some Nanobees injected into my blood stream to combat cancer. And then I need to go to the optometrist to get an extremely little device injected into to my eye controlled by the doctor with magnets to move it to a certain location so he can fix a blood clot. And then it is home to my Marijuana garden where I have to maintain 1500 PPM of CO2 to keep my plants health and vibrant. The weather man said we are having snow today, so I am going to have to create some heat in there by burning some fossil fuel stuff.

NOTE: Nanobees are real and so is the eye repair device. That is the tip of a wonderful iceberg. Global Warming news is really getting boring primary because in only about 1.5 billion years, the sun will burn out and we will be POOF! Owe no someone is going to be asking where I got that nonsense – which is actually another fact). I would rather live another 50 yrs than worry about an increase of 1.8 degrees Celsius 100 years from now based on a model and with all kinds of probable likelys!

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P.S. my write up on Weed and Global Warming made it into a Weed Publication – – – Awesome. I am so proud.



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