The Greenhouse Gas Marijuana Connection


Isn’t it interesting that the liberals are the ones who want to legalize marijuana use nationwide? And, ironically, they continue to harp that global warming is real and we need to do something about it right away. Legalizing marijuana and fixing global warming “now” is the cry. In fact, it is no longer a cry, it is bawling. And the bawling is rapidly evolving into a combination of simultaneous verbal excrements of bellows, howls, wailing, sobbing, weeping and blubber. It would seem our only way out would be to cave, approve it and by that action, to shut them up. It is just fine to pay trillions of dollars to accomplish this and then find out it was all for not. REALLY!

When referring to our atmosphere and its effect on our environment, we keep hearing the global warming alarmist pontificating about the “greenhouse effect.” They keep complaining about warming caused by our non-natural CO2 emissions causing our earth to get warming at an alarming rate. They talk about doing whatever it takes to reduce our creation of CO2 which is caused by all that “new age” industrial use of fossil fuels created to power everything we need under the sun. Much of those things are our cars, trains and airplanes; our motorcycles, scooters, lawnmowers, and many other forms of personal lawn care equipment. Coal powered electric plants, huge gas powered equipment of every imagination, plastic plants, and every heating source we can possibly think of that uses the burning of fossil fuels to give us some dearly needed heat. Oh, I almost forgot. Most of our home heating systems are based on the burning of natural gas which is a big no-no and needs to go too.

We need to completely remove every piece of infrastructure associated with power generation involving fossil fuels. That would mean removing and cleaning up every underground gas station storage tank across the nation and across the world. We would also need to remove all their gas lines running to the pumps and all the pumps, too. We would need to remove every major and minor gas line across the world, every refinery and piece of heavy equipment powered by gas and diesel fuel that are used to dig coal out of the grown and remove every single oil derrick and ocean platform. Did I say worldwide? OK, the amount of CO2 we American generate which is 18% of all the “non-natural” CO2 generated by all the countries combined needs to go. And by the way, that total we are talking about is only 10% of all the “NATURAL” CO2 generated by our wonderful planet. But, again, that is OK since we will only need a few trillion dollars per square mile of cleanup to “get ‘er done,” as the Cable Guy would say. I am sorry, but I made up the part of a few trillion dollars per square mile. It is closer to 100 square miles.

Now let’s get back to the marijuana connection. Have you ever tried to Google marijuana and CO2 Generators in the same search? Go ahead,

That that is a huge generator!

take a peek. You get about 8,800 hits. Take out the “and” and you get over 18000 hits. How about another idea? Just search on “CO2 generator.” You get 764,000 hits. Whoa! What is the big deal with CO2 generators? Did you know there were industrial sized CO2 generators for use by industrial sized planting operations? Did you know there were thriving businesses internationally building every size CO2 generator you could think of? DIY even shows you how to make your own CO2 generate at home for the greenhouse on your deck.

Ops! Did that word greenhouse come up again? That’s the word the alarmists keep squawking about. But ask yourself this question. How many greenhouses are there throughout the world, many of which are used to grow millions of tons of plants for human consumption? (Take it easy there, marijuana smokers; we are talking about plants for eating, not smoking.) Needless to say, I do not have time to count all the greenhouses worldwide that grow food for us to eat – millions of them. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses who will actually sell you any size greenhouse you could possibly imagine. They are supported by hundreds of thousands of other companies that sell everything from nuts and bolts used in construction of these greenhouses to all the plastics, glass and a myriad of other parts necessary to build, ship and construct greenhouses. Most of the pieces used in constructing these greenhouses are parts generated by petroleum-based manufacturers of raw building materials. Agricultural scientists all swear that the best way to grow plants faster and healthier; and to get them to bear much more fruit, is to give them their very own CO2 generator. A side note: there is a oil extraction site in California, of all places, that uses a Solar power since it allows them to extract oil more economically – I wonder if they could qualify for an Obama subsidy for using solar power.

Back to growing. Those scientists base their recommendations on the fact that plants are equipped to handle as much as 1500 PPM (that’s part per million) of CO2 in their air supply, and maintaining that level in their greenhouses is optimum. By the way, the plants have been a handling that much CO@ ever since they became plants millions of years ago. And the worry warts. The alarmists claim we have had a very serious increase of 110 PPM over normal which brought the CO2 in our natural air supply up to somewhere above 400 PPM. Keep in mind that that is natural CO2 of which only 10% is man-made from fossil fuel burning. And don’t forget that 18% of that 10% is our American-generated non-natural part from “Fossil Fuels.” That puts our part at a whopping 1.8%.

Let me digress. What does the EPA say about all this hoopla?

“Many of our daily activities cause emissions of greenhouse gases. For example, we produce greenhouse gas emissions from burning gasoline when we drive, burning oil or gas for home heating, or using electricity generated from coal, natural gas, and oil. Greenhouse gas emissions vary among individuals depending on a person’s location, habits, and personal choices. For example:

  • The quantity of greenhouse gas emissions from your home electricity use depends on the types of fuel your power plant uses to generate the electricity and the amount you use.
  • The quantity of greenhouse gases emitted from your furnace and boiler depends on the efficiency of these items, the size and insulation of your house, and the amount and type of fuel used.
  • The quantity of emissions from your car or truck depends on how much you drive, what your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is, and how you drive (e.g., the amount of time spent idling in traffic).
  • In addition, the more recycling you do will reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, as well as the greenhouse gas emissions that result from processing of raw materials.

Do you know what your carbon footprint is? Try EPA’s personal GHG emissions calculator to estimate your household’s annual greenhouse gas emissions.”

You know the EPA has a way of covering just about everything in their explanation, above. Well just about everything. Isn’t it interesting that they do not mention greenhouse gases from greenhouses? Those scientist we talked about above, also recommend, along with the CO2 Generator manufacturers, that growers need to ventilate the air in their greenhouses once an hour to maintain a proper balance of 1500 PPM. But during the evening hours many growers bring the level down to 400 PPM. With both these approaches, they do this by venting into the atmosphere.

A giant size tank of liquid CO2!

The growers use piping manufactured by petroleum-based manufacturing processes to deliver CO2. And they use liquid CO2 along with its related delivery systems, but other growers burn propane or natural gas to power their CO2 generators. The by-products of that burning get us plenty of methane gas emissions which cause a so-called greenhouse gas effect in our atmosphere 20 times greater than CO2. Even the fertilizer used in greenhouses gives off methane during its breakdown in the soil. The manufacturers of fertilizers also generate methane, not to mention all the methane that comes from every man, women, child, animal, bird and fish on the planet who can’t hold it any longer.

So, I guess I need to bring up the marijuana “crooked angle,” again? The growers of that fine crop strongly recommend the use of CO2 generators to get themselves a faster growing, larger plant to help them get their product to market as fast as possible. They recommend the exact same process as food plant growers. It was not long ago when the marijuana growers just said, “smoke it, it is harmless.”  But to improve their income potential they talked us into eating their plants as well. Not me, though.  They put that stuff in chocolate chip cookies. I wonder if that is somewhat related to what the tobacco companies were doing awhile back, advertising to children. They are pushing the one item that children love the most, chocolate chip cookies with a Maryjane additive. Pretty soon we will be able to get our Oreos laced with this wonderful universal plant. Just keep in mind, if you smoke it you have to light it and that causes the release of CO2 and if you eat it, it will generate a lot of methane in about 2 to 3 days.

In conclusion, I would guess the global warming issue is really just a bag of crap; or more precisely, a bag of hashish. The alarmists want to cut down on CO2 in the environment except for the CO2 that is a by-product of their food and buzz supply. (Don’t they deliver the stuff in gas-propelled personally own vehicles?) God help us when the EPA goes after “greenhouse, greenhouse gases. You know; this whole greenhouse gas issue is a mind game in so many ways beside one. I’ll drink to that. Hey, what the hell is floating in my Guinness!

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