Global Warming Useless to Fix!

Global Warming

It is “Useless” for USA to try to fix Global Warming Problem!

I am simply amazed at the pie-in-the-sky efforts of really smart people; regular folks with 4 year degrees all the way up to highly educated folks with Ph.ds in engineering, inside and outside the study of the global atmosphere fields; continuously wanting and insisting we need to rid our country of fossil fuel energy production to fix the “so-called” Global Warming Issue. They think if we can correct our problem, somehow that will be enough to fix the entire planet – that global warming would cease to be a problem. The question is; what impact can we actually have? If we were to begin doing what they say we need to do, what impact would we be able to accomplish? At what price?

First, as treaties and agreements show, very little effort is actually being implemented by other countries to address this “problem.” That clearly demonstrates that other countries emitting non-natural CO2 place their economic development efforts above the need to reduce CO2 emissions. Countries like China and India, among hundreds of others, are going through their own industrial revolutions firmly based in the exploitation of fossil fuel technology.

These countries, just like ours, dependent on fossil fuel technology, are like hundreds of bullet-train locomotives pulling thousands of cars filled to the brim with coal and oil, racing down tracks at Mach speed, being forced to miraculously and instantly reverse course going just as fast carrying non-fossil fuel power sources in the opposite direction. All these countries have fragile economies that cannot bear to have even a minor disruption. They are teetering on the brink of financial disaster because they are dependent on a world economy that has to maintain a reasonable degree of stability. And everyone knows that that stability is being severely challenged by financial stresses across the globe. A perfect barometer is reflected in the dramatic fluctuation of international markets on every piece of unfavorable news. One country cannot run off on its own making dramatic changes in infrastructure without impacting every other country’s wellbeing. That is so obvious.

Put it in human terms. Let’s come up with green blood to replace all the red blood in each person’s blood stream, internationally. First, we have to manufacture the green blood. Then we have to get every single man, women and child on the planet; billions of them, to go to a clinic to get a transfusion. Just the medical expense would be insurmountable let alone the transportation expensive.

But, if you don’t yet get the idea that this fight to rid ourselves of a CO2 emissions problem is a waste of time, let’s take a look at some interesting facts:

I was on Twitter doing my thing when I was told our part of CO2 “Non-Natural” emissions is 18.3% of the entire planet implying that that was a very serious problem. And because of that, global warming is going to kill us if we do not do something about it. And if we don’t, we would be kicking the can down the road for our grandchildren to clean up. But is it a serious problem? Is it worth all the expense to try to fix the 18.3%?


The key word here is “non-natural.” They don’t tell you that 90% of all CO2 is natural. That only leaves us with 10% of the CO2 that we as a planet are responsible for. And the US part is 18.3% of that. So, that means we are responsible for 1.8% of the all the CO2 in the atmosphere.

But there is more these experts avoid telling you. Of all the greenhouse gases: water vapor, methane, CO2, etc., total CO2 is 9-25% of all greenhouse gases. So they are not sure whether it is 9% or 25%? The difference is 16% points. Not “exactly” an exact science is it? Well, let’s be fair, like “Our Fair Share” as in a familiar talking point! We will take the liberty to use 16% which midway between 9 and 25. So, let’s take 100% of all greenhouse gases and fence off 16% of that and call it total CO2 percentage. Now we need to reduce that down to 10% of the 16% which leaves us with 1.6% of total greenhouse gases that are not natural. That 1.6% number is the total non-natural contribution by the every country on the planet.

Now we can focus on that 18.3% figure. Of the 1.6%, factoring it down to our US CO2, the “non-natural” contribution to the atmosphere is a whopping .28%. Now that is a mindboggling number. It is a little more than 25% of 1 percent of all greenhouse gases. That is the total part of all greenhouse gases we can control. Good luck trying to get China or India or all those others countries deeply invested in fossil fuel technology to help us with this.

Surprise! I am not done yet with the numbers – .28% is our part, right? The question becomes what would it cost to have any significant effect on that part. Well, here is another kicker. If we could reduce that number by 5%, what would that cost? Let’s just say for argument’s sake, it cost us 1 million dollars. To get another 5%, the expense to do that would need to double. In other words, we would need 3 million dollars to get us to just 10% of .28%. That alone is an exponentially unbearable expense. The real cost would obviously have to be in the multi-billions for that 5%. God help us if an unexpected increase of clouds develop anywhere on earth. That would negate our billion dollar effort to save the planet. Clouds cause global cooling.

Does anyone smell any rubber burning here? Pun intended. We just flat can’t get anywhere close to solving a problem like this. The problem is so miniscule that we could have more impact on our environment if we all held our breath for 30 seconds three times a day. That wouldn’t cost us a dime.


  1. All CO2, Natural and Non-natural, makes up 9-25% of all greenhouse gases.
  2. An average of the 9-25% of CO2 is 16%
  3. That leaves us with 1.6% of all greenhouse gases that are contributed by all nations.)
  4. Of the 1.6%, the US part is 18.3% of that.
  5. 18.3% of 1.6 leaves us with .28% which is the Part contributed by US sources.
  6. We only have the ability to impact .28% of all greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.
  7. All the smart people want us to shut down multi-trillion dollar industries and their entire infrastructure to fix .28%.
  8. Nations have spent billions studying, selling and pushing this issue. All wasted money!


Note: Can we do the following:

Shut down multi-trillion dollar infrastructure and ever fossil fuel using piece of equipment: cars (private and commercial,) trucks (private and commercial,) Trains, Air Planes, all military equipment, weapons systems, gas stations, refineries, plastic plants, millions of different types of power generation equipment and their plants, coal mines, coal refineries, electric power plants that use coal extensively, and the companies that manufacturer all this stuff. Also shut down every oil rig. There are companies worldwide whose livelihood relies on supplying their products and service to support our industries and infrastructure. Plastic comes from petroleum products. We would need to stop plastic manufacturing.

Millions of employees nationwide would lose their jobs because all those companies, businesses, partnerships, sole proprietors and independent business owners who hire them closes shop.

The above is just the tip of a giant iceberg. Yes, I know global warming melts icebergs but that doesn’t reduce the magnitude of our problem implementing those global warming ideas.

How about the cost in replacing all infrastructure and industries with non-fossil fuel sources? How about the need to retrain millions on how to operate and maintain all this new equipment and infrastructure?

We would have to get the whole planet to agree to do this since our economies, banking systems and investments are all linked inseparably to the fossil fuel industry.

We cannot get there from here. We have no money!



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