Global Warming efforts Impossible!


Fossil Fuel fuels the world

So let’s do what the global warming folks want us to do. Fix the planet by ridding ourselves of fossil fuel consumption. Currently, in the United States, 95% of all our energy is derived from fossil fuel resources. But also, all the infrastructure used to deliver that energy was created by the manufacturing of  all its bits and piece from fossil fuel engineering techniques. Trillions of dollars have been committed to creating this elephant. But the elephant has a gnat on it. Global warming fears. So the answer is to replace fossil fuel. Great idea. Now where are we going to get the trillions of dollars to replace the entire fossil fuel system in this country. and to boot, our part in the USA is 18% of the entire world’s problem. How are we going to get China and India or any other country going through their own  industrial revolution, spending trillions to build it, to just stop what they are doing and help clean up the environment. It would be much cheaper if we just built biosphere domes in the desert and gave all these folks free room and board. Done. I just thought of that.



Fossil Fuels Percent of US Transportation Sector Consumption

  • 45% gasoline for use in automobiles
  • 28.9% heating oil and diesel fuels
  • 21.4% other products, including those derived from petroleum for the manufacturing of chemicals, synthetic rubber, and plastics.
  • 9.4% jet fuel
  • 2.4% asphalt

What the above tells me, is we need to create a completely biodegradable automobile that runs on fresh air. (Goggle TATA car. It exists)

We need to heat and air condition our homes with something biodegradable that does not use any petroleum by product at all.

We need to completely shut down every chemical plant, synthetic rubber plant and every plastic production facility world-wide.

I have no clue how we are going to get air travel to work with no petroleum products to manufacture planes and then get them to fly using air power.

I had no clue that asphalt was a problem. That wipes out all the infrastructure our transportation systems have managed to create in over 100 years.

So, we need biodegradable everything. Warships, submarines, silver ware used by the poor and every single thing I use in my house to live; and that includes the house. Oh, yeah I almost forgot. All the parts used to manufacture, maintain and deliver renewable energy equipment such as wind farms and  major solar complexes were built using fossil fuel technology. In fact, all the solar panels are built in China, the country that is the most dependent on fossil fuel industry. They are dependent like they are hooked on meth. There is no rehab center large enough to get them unhooked.

NOTE: when all that biodegradable stuff breaks down, it is going to create a whole bunch of CO2. OMG. What are we going to do about that?


Here is interesting news:

Fossil fuels are dominating the world’s energy market—a trend that will last for at least the next 20 to 25 years, the leading energy forecasters contend.  According to these forecasters, it does not matter whether policies remain the same or whether anti-fossil fuel policies are enacted—fossil fuels will continue to produce 75 to 80 percent of the world’s energy by 2030.

Fossil fuel dependence also damages the health of our nation. In 2004, almost sixty percent of petroleum products used in the United States were imported from other countries.vii And despite the fact that fossil fuels are limited resources that cannot be replaced, the Department of Energy acknowledges that their usage in the United States is likely only to grow over the next century. viii This means that unless we dramatically change the way the United States consumes energy, our dependence on foreign sources of fossil fuels will also grow—and increasingly threaten the stability of American government, business, and daily life. DRAMATIC CHANGE: Now what does that mean and at what cost? We always forget we need to get the rest of world to go along.

the following wikipedia page is supposed to be about fossil fuels but is filled with fears from global alarmist. So many words that are comparable to possible but not definite.






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