Flower Power VS Occupiers – NOT

I think I know why these guys can’t get jobs!

Get ready folks, this “Occupy Wall Street Thing” means these occupiers could very well be around years. It is just a poorly distorted mirror image of the Sixties Counterculture. It started in the sixties and went downhill from there. But the comparisons are troubling to say the least – or lack thereof.  This new band of mis-breeds do not have any culture. Back then they were beatniks in reference to their finger-clicking music but now they have morphed into the defecation-niks for the places they dump their load; especially on police cars.

You can start by looking at the clothes. Back then, there was an artful class of folks who took a multitude of colored dyes and stained their JC Penney’s white tee shirts into a collage of psychedelic colors that clearly represented the high they found themselves on from the drugs with which they experimented in their day. If they bought anything besides the tees and VW, they got it cheap at the corner of Haight and Ashbury or any other corner in the US that sold the same stuff. The comparisons now are laughable. These “Occupy Wallstreeters” don’t make their own clothes, they get them from high end retailers like Abercrombie and Bitch, the Gap, Hollister’s and Pac Sun.

All their fancy camping gear they get at REI, Patagonia, Arc’Teryx, Black Diamon, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Osprey Packs, Trango, Voile, Leki, Big Agnes or PMI. They have designer backpacks from companies like Mountainsmith, Osprey and  Dana. Their tents are made by Big Agnes, Marmot, MSR and The North Face. Boots are none other than the Limmer Standard or anything close.  Even their tarps are expensive since they have nice warm liners in them. Some of these highly educated college hipsters did it one better. They bought queen size box springs and mattresses, not to mention top notched linen, so they would not miss out on the comforts of their parent’s home or their dorm room.

And where do they get all this stuff if they don’t have jobs? It’s their Sixties parents who set up bottomless bank accounts and perpetual credit cards for their personal use. They also get handouts from far left Marxist sympathizers who, wouldn’t you know it, run our school systems. There are also suppliers like George Soros, the union organizers and rich democrats who always donate their wealth to the best political causes. And they will also realize considerable belated income from the student loans they expect the government to forgive since there are no jobs for students primarily holding touchy-feely liberal arts degrees. Little did those Sixties parents know the monsters they were creating for the future.

On a side note, only 41% of college students nowadays actually graduate, and those that do graduate take at least 6 years to do it. Like they say, don’t mess with a good thing. Back in the Sixties, it was called a good gig. Those who did go to college back then could graduate in 4 years. But they constantly changed their degree program so they could stay in college for 8-10 years to avoid the Vietnam War. If they didn’t graduate or didn’t go to college, they drove their VW vans to Canada. The hipsters of today, try to stay in college to avoid at all cost, getting a good paying job. After all, the jobs don’t pay as well as parents and the government for you to remain a student. And then the current administration would like you to join the Peace Corps (by the way; it is pronounced “core, Mr. President, not corpse) when you finally, finally get off the parent/government dole.

“Let’s face it,” back in the sixties they worried about pimples on their faces. Now they have pimples that are much more sinister. They are caused by excessive meth use.   Back then they were a bunch of independents seeking the ultimate “peace,” railing about woman’s rights, while living in Volkswagen buses on the farthest back country roads they could find. Today, they are “Dependents” living in city parks making their dis-peace with the homeless. Sex and flower power was the game in the old days. Now they spend their day pounding their pud because they can’t experience a sexual relationship unless they rape for it. It is laughably Ironic, when they try to be PC.  They set up no rape zones in the park in a country that holds rape to be illegal anywhere, inside and outside the park.  So it must be OK to rape outside the zone according to these hormonally challenged highly advanced live forms. Back then when they pooped, it was in a field where it became beneficial fertilizer for the flowers in their hair. Now they poop next to their “Alps Mountaineering Extreme 2 Sage/Rust colored tent, at $177 a pop, which is resting on a brand new blue insulated tarp that cost more than the tent.  Some of these folks do not find this arrangement that comfortable so they bring their Duxiana Dux bed and down-padded mattress covered with Dolce Notta fitted sheets. The pillows have to be filled with Eiderdown courtesy of, you guessed it, their parents who shop at St Geneve, expressly for their precious offspring. These pillows have to be the most expensive at 2.8 thousand dollars a piece. After all, they will be supporting their remarkably, highly educated brains enclosed in the very finest of numb skulls.  But while not cuddling in the best of bedding in the wee hours of the night, they spend their day, prancing in the park, in their Neiman Marcus Loro Piana Traveler Storm Jacket. Infinitely smarter than the rest of us, they would not be caught dead without their Apple I-phone 4S smart phone.

The hippies wanted to the change the world for the better – you know, peace and love with drugs of enhanced enlightenment. The OWStreeters want to do away with capitalism, the system from which they could not do without in order to get the camping, sleeping and daily park living gear they sorely need to maintain a prolonged but exceptionally comfortable existence while enduring the worst of outdoor hardships. By the way, what is the opposite of Capitalism = Communism.  The hippies created communes. The OWStreeters create a world of perpetual orgasmic adventure to stay fit by demanding assistance in satisfying their craving for partner-assisted inverted pushups with a partner that is totally non-consenting. They prefer this approach because they feel exercising their highly advanced masturbatorial skills leaves much to be desired. And anyway, this latter procedure is clearly a form of violence perpetrated upon one’s self that requires too much work.

Ah, work. That is another subject. The hippies worked hard to come up with the meager cash they needed to buy a rundown VW Bus, fix it up and get on the road. The OWstreeters  worked their parents, the SEIU and George Soros hard to get what they needed to remain entrenched in the city park.   They really had no intention of paying back thier student loans either. So forgiveness is golden; at lease for them. They have been living on handouts since they were born. The people of the sixties created these monsters, these parasites. They started by giving them fancy cribs and strollers and now they get as handouts, insulated $100+ tarps and tents from the most expensive camping equipment supplier in the nation. The irony is there is so much about these current hipsters that is so not sixties. “Not cool, man.” Back then they had a life but now they only have a city park.

It was between 1960 and 1973 when this Flower Power era run its course. It was a cultural movement that mainly developed in the United States and spread throughout much of the western world. The movement gained momentum during our Vietnam conflict. And it lasted as long as the draft lasted.  So it was really all about not wanting to risk one’s life for one’s country. The OWStreeters of today do not want to risk losing their perpetual state of infinite handouts; thus forcing them to have to get a job and support themselves. The Sixties folks had the Beatles,  songwriters, singers and musical groups who were all about love, peace and  womans’ rights. OWstreeters have rap to help them fine tune their abilities at abusing women. The Sixties folks wanted freedom to explore their potential and create a better self. They wanted freedom to express themselves, no schedules, and schools that encouraged an appreciation of  aesthetics, appreciation for music, love of nature, deep thought and independence. With the OWstreeters we got all the opposites. Although they have freedom to express themselves, they have no clue what they want. Rap is the tuneless music of the day and they poop all over Mother Nature in our most precious city parks. They don’t have time to think because they dwell on the two Rs, Rap and Rape. And finally, they are very much dependent on the rest of us. Oh, yes, one more thing. The Sixties folks did attend their classes in college and later gobbled up all our school system’s jobs. The OWstreeters attend the parks and avoid and work whatsoever.

The Sixties folks were the new left. The Owstreeters are leftists who are really getting old – and on everyone’s nerves. Back then it was flowers in your hair and now it is ticks and flees. Mary Jane and LSD were replaced with meth and crack. The Sixties crowd raised their kids and gave them everything while the OWstreetersjust  abort everything. Back then they lived off the land in communes and were so “far out” they didn’t need a permit just permission from folks like those at Woodstock to occupy the land. But they only stayed until the music stopped. Now they live in the city park on the taxpayers’ dime without permission or permit and eat at McDonalds and Starbucks on their parent’s dime.

Wait there is more. Back in the day, political figures spent their time trying to make the capitalistic system work better. Now these guys want to destroy it. Odd, since they are buying all their expensive bells and whistles from the corporations they seek to destroy. The Civil Rights Movement turned into the “Only My Rights Count” movement; and is far from civil. The Free Speech Movement is now the Degradation Speech Movement perpetrated on the rest of us by Media moguls.  What about the Anti-War Movement? That’s simple, it’s the Anti-Job Movement. The New Left was the nomenclature of the day in the Sixties. Now we have the progressive, infinitely far left.

The feministas of the Sixties became the abortionistas. Environmentalism brought us first, the fear of global cooling and then global warming. But now we must fear what actually happens every single day – Climate Change. As a result of this, the only things multiplying more than flies are polar bears. The Gay Liberation Movement became gay rights parades of monumental displays of orgasmic extravaganzas. The only thing more exciting were the after-parade KY Jelly celebrations.

The counter-culture of the Sixties morphed into something that would closely resemble the type of culture you would find at the bottom of a petri dish.   The Hippies of old became the Dippies of new.  Back then, the Hippies grew their own and could handle their Mary Jane. But no; now the Dippies got it legalized but they need a prescription from a Doctor. They used to be illegal drugs, now they are recreational drugs. The reason for that change was these modern drugs are equivalent to an E-Ride at the Six Flags Amusement Park when the roller coaster goes off the tracks and crashes. Marijuana plants don’t blow up when you cultivate them, but Meth labs do.

The sexual revolution dissolved into a state of perversion associated with terminal sexual disillusionalism – which is now characterized by the medical community as a PTSD syndrome for OWStreeters.  Alternative media is now mainstream media. Avant-garde art and anti-art have been rolled into a single art form call fecal matter art; or “CRAP” for short. Music is now noise, Movies are no longer since they require too much focus and concentration. They have been replaced by YouTube clips which make it so much better for all those OWStreeters with attention deficit disorders.

Are you diggin’ it, man? Oh  yeah, man! Peace, Brother!

To coin a modern phrase: “These Occupy Wall Street dudes are shovel ready!”

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