Liquefied Remains in our Water Supply


Seven States and Counting. I could not believe this……The Greens Are Encroaching, The Greens Are Encroaching!
You can now get yourself liquefied when you die and have your remains deposited into the local water supply. I will drink to that! Not to worry, the bones and your oral hardware are excluded – and your artificial knees and such. But I am having a problem believing this practice is “tasteful.” I can just imagine all the various elements of your bodily parts that would make up this entire bundle of goodies. Awesome knowing I will be imbibing the remains of some really cool dudes and dudettes along with some other unsavory characters. Not sure how I am going to stomach that! Maybe I could just treat the issue like in the movie “Phenomenon.” I could just bend with the trees and go with the flow. Just love those innards. That mercury in your filling is an environmental problem when they cremate you. That amounts to about 16% of all the mercury released into our precious atmosphere. No body mentioned the CO2 released in the cremation process. The plants are not gonna like that when they find out they are going to be deprived of enhanced CO2 crematorial emissions. Dang.
But wait, I am not done yet. There is another invention coming to a funeral home near you. How would you like to become compost? This idea will revolutionize the term “pushing up daisies.” We have freeze-dried coffee and now freeze-dried remains. I have to believe this is going to really make the 60s rock and rollers very happy. They freeze your ass using liquid nitrogen and shake, rattle and roll you to the Rolling Stones’ song “Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” until you fall into a million pieces. They still take away your mercury and implants. You then get put in a square box and buried in a small hole. Beats those bulky coffins that float away during floods caused by global warming. But you can also just have yourself disposed of in the garden so you can push up turnips, squash or chard. I guess you could call that “chard remains.”One other idea is to just push up weeds, or better yet, weed. In that way your demise would simply be intoxicating – a “tokkin” of your appreciation. Check out the video below and see the whole article here.



Rest in Pieces

May You Rest in Pieces

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