Why Unions are not Good for Our Country!


Unions are great for the country! That’s what I keep hearing. Well, let’s do a little research on this subject. Did you know for the past 20 years, unions contributed 95% to Democrats and 5% to Republicans? Ok, that would be expected since Democrats favor having unions. But the dollar amount tells you something else. The democrats received $486,440,870 and the Republicans received $27,886,800. Now that is a different story. Here we go again playing “follow the money.” Don’t you just love that game? Democrats don’t really care about the unions and what they do. They care about what the unions provide them in the form of campaign contributions. Add those two numbers mentioned above together and you get over half a billion dollars. Whoa! But there is more.

This history tells you other things as well. Would it be fair to say that the Unions are buying the democrats?  Of course they are. And the Republicans? They are not going to support the unions that much when they only get 25 million over 20 years. But they do not want to upset the apple cart. We are constantly told by the politicians that they want to get rid of lobbyists but they really don’t. They just say they do to get more votes. Judy got second, think about these union lobbyists who contribute this vast sum of money to politicians.  Now ask yourself, where does all this money come from? The unions get it through union dues contributed by their members who get it from us, the taxpayer. We are paying for it. Just think what we could do with half a billion dollars if the teachers could somehow separate themselves. The pay would go up at least $100 month.Think about what that money could do for schools. The money is being suck out of our education system.

These facts tell us that if they can afford to spend half a billion dollars on politicians, they must really have a very lucrative union due system. It’s a golden goose that just keeps laying those golden eggs. No wonder the unions want to unionize more folks. No wonder the politicians want to help them do it. They all stand to gain a tremendous amount of wealth. They are after the American dream just like the rest of us. But there is a serious problem with this entire union system; or scam if you like. It is a parasitical monster sucking the life out of our economy. How’s that you ask?

Since the majority of unions are made up of government employees, just about all this money they are throwing around is coming from taxpayer dollars. We earn money by offering our skills to those pesky small businesses and corporations for a fee. We are an essential part of what makes our capitalistic system work. Union members do not generate income; they provide services to those who do. They are essentially parasites on the taxpayer system and they get paid extremely well.

They have their own retirement systems and pension plans that are far superior to those we get through the businesses for which we work. They don’t get laid off when the economy goes south. They only experience token numbers of layoffs when their budget gets overspent with our money.  It is common knowledge that during the most recent economic turmoil, their yearly salaries continued to rise while thousands were getting laid off.  The news was clear – jobs and incomes for corporations went down – public sector jobs and incomes went up. We pay them well and then we pay their union bosses astronomical amounts of money to fight for employment agreements that keep these folks in their jobs and make it almost impossible to fire them. That means us ordinary citizens, working for those pesky small businesses and corporations, are footing this enormous bill.

Here is an example of what those services we pay for are doing “to” us, not “for” us. There was a chart presented on TV a few days ago that clearly demonstrates the problem. It was a chart that shows over a considerable length of time that the performance of school children measured by testing remained flat – a nice straight line almost horizontal to the bottom of the chart. Above that line was a line showing the amount of money going to school systems over that same period of time. It showed a very strong and constant upward-shooting line at an angle that was just about half way between vertical and horizontal.  That is a perfect example as to what we are getting – ever-increasing expense for no improvement. You have heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” With unions it is exactly the opposite. “The more we pay, the less we get.”

Our politicians don’t really work for us, they work for the unions. And we pay the salaries of union members, their bosses and their politicians. They aren’t our politicians, that’s for sure. We are paying those union dues through which contributions are made that play a major role in getting these politicians re-elected. We are swimming in a pool of Paraná. They are eating our hardworking flesh and blood and spitting out our bones. And they keep telling us they are going to make it better. But first they want us to pay an additional tax to recycle our bones. It sounds like telling us some type of  “green” thing protecting our environment.

The unions used to be run by the mob. Would it surprise you if I said nothing has changed? Well, nothing has. It used to be if you messed with the unions the mob would beat you up. Nowadays, if you mess with the unions, the union thugs beat you up. We used to line the pockets of the mob, but now we are lining union pockets full of politicians. Oh wait, the mob was paying politicians then, too. Dang

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