The Tata Car – Runs on Wow!

The Tata Selection

The global warming folks are gonna go bonkers over this car. They are going to insist that we all buy one; except for them. They will not want to wipe out their ability to buy carbon credits. With Al Gore’s carbon footprint, he would have to move out of his huge beach front home. It won’t be long before they classify fresh air as a greenhouse gas so they don’t have to buy one of these cars. AND, so they can buy clean air credits. Feeling good is so important. I like the “GREEN” one upper right. It is definitely me. Unfortunately, the only chicks you can pick up will be green chicks.

Let’s face it. Our USA share of human-created global warming is miniscule. Just think about this. Let’s say the whole human-created world of carbon emissions is a bowl of 1 million grains of rice. Take out one grain of rice and freeze that sucker as cold as you can get it. Toss it back in and what does that get you? Oh, and make sure we create a Cap and Trade energy bill of billions of dollars to pay for the monumental task of taking out that grain of rice. That is one heavy grain of rice. My wallet is going to be a lot more tired than I am.

“Liberal color scheme. Green = Red; on their budget balance sheet. They just gotta be different.


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