Global Warming Caused by Humans? NOT.

(A dumb man’s Opinion)

I was right then and I am right now – Proof is here: Global Warming Stopped 16 years ago!!’m

Forrest Gump says: “Momma says stupid is as stupid does.” Are you smarter than Forrest Gump? It is truly stupid to just follow what others say and take it as the gospel. Ever since this Global Warming ram job began, I was skeptical. Why? Because I was being told it was settled science. Science is never settled, it continues to evolve and new answers come every day. At first, the earth was flat and then we found out it was really round. God’s chosen people, trying to run things, “absolutely insisted” that the world is flat. But scientists proved them wrong. Now, ironically, the scientists are now the preachers of the gospel and absolutely insist that Global Warming is solely caused by you and me. We have sinned. Oh hog wash. (I think that is a farming term). So how do I know?

Could it be that scientists are parasites or snake doctors who claim global warming is real so they can continue to get their high income and research grants? You have heard it many times – follow the money. But that’s a trivial note. What is truly astonishing is how so many highly educated folks with impressive degrees from the best universities on this “HOT” earth trust the scientists, and swallow everything they say. It sounds like God-fearing people of old, blindly following the guidance of the church. Now we have Science-fearing folks (because they don’t understand it) following the Science God.

Ask yourself this question. How much impact can folks in the USA have in solving this problem – if it really is problem? Are there more important things to worry about? Did you know that the earth only has approximately another 1.5 billion years left to exist – already, 4.6 billion years have passed. We turned the corner long ago. Why? The sun is burning out.

How about a little larger meteorite than usual finding its way to earth like so many times before and poof, we are gone? To tell, we are really in a state of suspended animation, living a fantasy world that we collectively created for our own personal pleasure, while hanging from a thread, not really aware that catastrophe could strike at any moment. We act like we are invincible and can easily control our universe, when actually we are in someone’s fish bowl, and that being is looking down upon us amazed at how stupid we are. On a grand scale, we don’t control poop. We swim under the scientists who are pooping on us with all their blither.

All in the preceding paragraphs is trivia. How about some facts to go with the trivia?

1. The Earth is 196,939,900 square miles and the USA is 3.79 million: We control less that 1% of the earth’s surface or we have no control over 99% of the earth. It gets worse.

2. The population of the whole planet is 6,775,235,741. We have 309 million. That is .04%. So with our good intensions we are going to take care of essentially, 100% of all the people on earth by cleaning up our own atmosphere with our own money so the rest of the world can get clean air. Does anyone else thing that is stupid or is it just me?

3. Only 61% of folks in the US actually drive a car. And most of those cannot afford to buy a hybrid. There were only 150,000 hybrids sold worldwide in 2008. There are approximately 608 million cars and light trucks sold worldwide according to 2007 statistics. Hybrids make up .02%. Gosh, dang! It might take approximately 1.5 billion years to accomplish the mission of replacing all the regular cars with hybrids. But by that time, the scientists will have created a flying saucer. I just hope those saucers have a really good heating system because we won’t have any sun left. Oh, yeah. The saucers will need some type of oxygen-generating systems because we really do need the sun to help our planet create oxygen for us to breath. Give me a break.

4. Why don’t we look at how much CO2 is actually part of our atmosphere. Oh! Isn’t that interesting? I have learned through many very reliable sources (scientists) that our atmosphere is made up of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. That is 99% of our atmosphere. That only leaves 1% for all the rest of the gases.

a. So how much CO2 is part of the overall atmosphere? Scientists agree it is = .039% when you subtract water vapor, the most significant gas and the others rather miniscule.

b. But wait. What part of that is man-made of all the greenhouse gases combined – 10%.

c. OK I can live with that – .0039% is our fault (meaning the whole world.) I am not done yet.

d. BUT, what part of that is under the control of the USA. I mentioned this above. Less than one percent.

e. OK. That means the part we control is less than 1% of .0039%

5. If you don’t get it now, you need to see a psychiatrist. You are in serious denial.

6. Just ask yourself how much money we would need to correct this problem. It would be in the trillions. Wait, what comes after trillions?

So is the ownership of a hybrid really accomplishing anything besides getting people to think you cool? And your answer is? Shit yeah! A little.


Am I just a little dumber than Forrest Gump? That is the only part I can’t figure out! Chocolate anyone?

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