Saint Chad – Patron Saint of Voting Machines

Saint Chad

I coined the title Patron Saint of Voting Machines because I felt it ironic that this saint was consecrated a head of a Bishopric in the mid 600 BC. Then he lost it again when the original Bishop returned. Dang I hate it when that happens. It was the Al Gore – George Bush – Florida voting fiasco that brought this saint to mind. Al Gore thought he had it and then he lost it due to some higher authority taking back the consecration. How could they do that? Consecration sounds so final, so permanent. And the same thing happened to poor old Mr. Gore, never to be President Gore. And he thought he had it locked up. And then some body comes along and de-consecrates him. Doesn’t he know self-consecration isn’t valid? When will he ever learn? Now we just call him the Climate God. That sounds better than President, anyway.

Read about Saint Chad at the following site. Very interesting story. He was an honest man beyond compare and by the nature of his faith and constitution he never lied.

And let’s take Al Gore and compare and contrast – may just contrast. He is a politician. Politicians are always lying. Therefore, Al Gore is a liar. Everyone always wants to have some logic to back up a fact they already know the answer to. Well, there you go.We all by devotion honor our Constitution. But Al Gore has no constitution. (I intentionally did not capitalize the word constitution.) But at least Al Gore is a man of faith. He has

Trust Me. No, Trust Me. Really.

complete faith in Global Warming or Climate Change or Warming or carbon footprints; anthropogenically speaking. But even that has turned out to be a lie. I wish all these warming alarmists would just “chill.” So, comparing St Chad to Al Gore? No comparison. Al Gore bought a huge home right on the Southern California coast which is definitely going to sink into the ocean due to global warming. How do I know that? al Gore told me. His home is bellowing tons of carbon into our atmosphere and he is buying tons of carbon credits to make himself look like he cares. But he is still stomping on all of us with his giant carbon footprints. Isn’t it ironic that we have been stomping in his “Boo Sit” for just as long. (Those are my words for: Male Bovine waste material ejected during the final stage of digestion. – Don’t want to get beeped.)

The whole conservative-ist world has had our fill of his dung. And we have not been happy at all about it for a very long time. But there is one person among us who is not that unhappy; and that person is………..

I love Saint Chad

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